Our one year “6+” programme for 18+ years (i.e. Year 14), aims to focus on improving the vocational skills of the Post A level student in readiness for Drama School auditions, 6+ offers an absolutely individual timetable, set in collaboration with the student, to serve the aptitude and interest of the individual performer towards his/her own goals.

Here is a foundation training to excite the aspiring actor, dancer or triple threat with time ofr mentoring, private lessons and a full training package in either of our two Specialisms - Acting and Media or Dance, both combining with Musical Theatre.

6+’s follow the same timetable structure as Years 12 and 13 and are part of the Upper School , and may lodge within the 6th form host accommodation or elsewhere.

While of course entry to Drama Schools is uncertain, we have an outstanding success rate, and a 6+ will have an un-compromised access to the very best opportunities across the timetable with advice on hand.

The School is unable to accept mature students but can offer this training to pupils who have joined the school at a late entry point and feel that an extra year will support them well, to graduates of other schools looking for a year of intensive training with possible (although not guaranteed) industry involvement and to GAP students looking to indulge their passion before settling into a more academic university course.

The course will require Monday to Friday attendance and can be combined with Dance Teacher training or an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) should the student so wish. UCAS support of course!

Termly fees - as 6th form (please see hard copy brochure. We can accommodate a 6+ lite package for 3/4 days per week enabling the student to combine the training with paid work or other interests elsewhere, and always on a number of days on site basis.

For information on how we can individually support your training please email info@redroofs.co.uk to arrange a meeting.

We can offer a limited of number of 6+ places, maximum 4 per year, and subject to successful interview or WeTransfer audition if applying from overseas. We will support loan applications which must be in place prior to the start of the training.