At Redroofs we place significant emphasis on suggesting the right young actors or performers for what we believe, from many years of experience, to be the right opportunities, and at the right time in their young careers.

We are careful in our submissions and extend such care to all areas of offering of preparation and/or marketing of the student actor in our care.

Within our roster of young professionals are aspiring actors of real integrity, character and resourcefulness, who are in careful training and of a good attitude, that remains natural and unforced whether in the casting, through the recall process, in the rehearsal room, or on set/stage.

We are mindful that a child's education and early exposure to the real world experience is very important,  and so place consideration ahead of quantity of opportunity, so that we can work together towards long term aims, and not just a busy childhood C/V. Our genuine belief in the long term goal has placed our clientele into the "A-List", and enabled them to grow up free from extreme stress that the industry can force on actors when they experience too much too soon. We have launched the careers of very many actors, such as Joanne Froggatt, Lucy Benjamin, Jessica Henwick, Gillian Oman, Tara Bethan, Adrian Hansel, Mazz and Gina Murray and more.

Our recent clients have worked in the theatre under Trevor Nunn, are on UK tours, in leading roles (ongoing) in Meet Me in Paris for Disney (through our introduction to third party), doubling on set for Mary Poppins Returns, a confidential new musical, and an ongoing lead in Almost Never, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, plus so much more!

Managing a young career is not just about more auditions. It is about helping the gifted child towards unfolding their unique potential, developing the career and the character, alongside discreet marketing and with the right goals such as tuition, self care and appropriate photography. If this is the right approach for your son or daughter, then let's talk Personal Management!