All Casting and Audition enquiries from Casting Directors should please be addressed directly to [email protected] or telephone 01628 674092/07825 598623

Redroofs Agency exists to promote and support our pupils for professional opportunities in theatre, film, television, commercials, radio, voice over and all media. 

All pupils may be represented by Redroofs Agency subject to being free from tie with other agencies. However pupils may also be part of an external photographic only model agency.

The School offers Sole Representation only. For engagements, the school, on behalf of the production company, arranges a licensed chaperone and contracts are generally issued. The Agency will negotiate a rate for the engagement. The Agency will work together with parents upon request to obtain a Licence to work. A copy of the licence will go to the child's school. Any job secured as a result of an audition or activity through our contacts shall be deemed a Redroofs Agency commitment.

Redroofs Agency is for Redroofs pupils only. We do not offer representation for external clients. Clients are required to take an entry via The Spotlight Casting platform and to provide professional headshots. We can provide a list of recommended photographers. 

Ex pupils committed to a contract or option contracts shall be subject to continued representation until the cessation of the said contract. A commission shall be due for all employment secured as a result of our promotion. 

How does it work?

We receive casting information via Spotlight, or direct from casting directors through our longstanding relationships and reputation.

After our submissions are made, and from discussion between ourselves and the Casting Department the young actor may be invited to audition/meet. An appointment will be scheduled. Often these run during school time and where possible we will schedule these after school hours.

Auditions generally take place in Central London or via a self tape. Casting Directors may also visit our school.

Parents/chaperones take the child to the casting but NOT into the audition room.

We do NOT always receive feedback unless we are asked to recall. If a child is selected for recall they will usually have text to prepare. If a child is "pencilled" the parent will be required to begin a licence. Some authorities will require longer periods of time to process paperwork so it is vital that the process is started immediately. (Please note that some LEA depts close during holiday periods)

The parent will be required to provide a copy birth certificate, passport sized photos, a school letter from the Head stating that they are happy for the child to participate, a doctors letter, and details for a Part Two of the licence application. These will go directly to the childs Local Education Authority (LEA). This is defined by the council to which you pay your council tax (and NOT necessarily where they are educated).

We will arrange a licenced Chaperone to accompany your child on request. From time to time we can arrange for the parent to chaperone on a professional job. No other relation may chaperone a child on a film set unless he/she is licensed as a Chaperone. (To arrange a chaperones licence please call your LEA direct. The process takes at least 6 weeks and may include home visits prior to licensing).

The School Agency will arrange the logistics. Any contact made directly with parents shall still be subject to Redroofs terms assuming it has been the result of a Redroofs introduction.

Parents are reminded that all fees earned by the child are subject to a commission and that while we do all we can to secure prompt payment, we cannot be held responsible for late or non-payment. In cases where school fees are in arrears the Agency Commission will be deducted, expenses passed on and the fee will be offset against the child's account. This is not negotiable. 

Commission Rates

Commercials/TV/Film and all Media 20% of the gross fee; daily rate theatre 15% of rehearsals and daily performances (expenses are free of commission); Chaperone fees 15%

How can you best support your child?

Please ensure you have regular access to email. Many of our auditions are circulated by email and often you will be required to download scripts for auditions.

Please ensure all Spotlight information is accurate including height, playing age etc and that photographs are updated each year. 

Please ensure that your child is correctly prepared for auditions. If they are issued with a script they are expected to learn it. Coaching can be arranged at the school if required. If asked to start a licence please do this at speed! 

Parents transferring children to our Agency should ensure that their previous Agent is given the required notice of any transfer, and we require a 6 week window IN WRITING if a child is leaving our Agency. This ensures that any suggestions already made on behalf of the child can be fulfilled. Any work for which a client has been offered (whether or not they have already attended a casting) will be seen as a Redroofs commitment and in the same way we will honour this agreement towards other Agents for children joining our Agency. Redroofs is a member of the TMA and Agents Association.