Pupils of our full time school may enjoy a working life as a young professional performer. The choice at all times will remain with the parent and the school to ensure that a childs formal education does not suffer. All Under 16’s are required by law to obtain a licence to work prior to absence. 

We will guide parents through this process as required. Under 18’s working outside of the UK will require a chaperone on all engagements. On engagements of over three days a tutor will be assigned to the young artiste. 

The tutor will liaise with the school. Children working in theatre may miss school for mid week matinees and rehearsals and the school will supply “Missed Work” for pupils to keep up with studies to the best of their abilities. It is an essential part of the pupil/parent/school contract that pupils maintain their academic studies. 

For part time pupils working professionally the parent is responsible for organising missed work through the child's school. 

Redroofs Agency charges 20% as commission to all clients, including Chaperones except for theatre work where commission is 15%

A huge thank you on behalf of Joshua for making his professional stage debut such an exciting experience. From the original very child friendly audition at Pineapple Studios, the whole 'journey' has been fabulous. With grateful thanks for this amazing opportunity. PS, Joshua could not believe the huge bag of sweets Carolyn dropped off at the stage door, how wonderful! - James, Nicola and Joshua Hogan. 

He complained when we got him up at 5am to go on holiday, but jumped out of bed at the same time to go filming today. He's had the most amazing day on the most jawdropping set. He is shattered but is still remembering things he saw. What a life experience. Thanks to you all for believing in him. It means everything to us.