It's an 8.20am Registration then we're ready for lessons! 

The School follows the National Curriculum predominantly taught by teachers with many years of experience. There is plenty of scope for the more able academic and the school offers regular competitions, both academic and vocational, to enhance learning.

Subjects taught may include Maths, Geography, History, French, English, English Literature, Science, Art and Drama, ICT, Ethics, Biology, Creative Writing, Project Skills, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Singing.

Every pupil has an individually tailored timetable. Like all schools, our pupils sit annual examinations and eventually public exams (AQA and EDEXEL plus a host of dance examinations through RAD and ISTD).

At 3.15 there are clubs, supervised homework sessions or After School Care which provides a social space for a relaxed catch-up. Pupils in shows head into the West End for performances (our West End performers will have evening shows twice a week) or perhaps there may be auditions.

For those with energy to spare, part-time classes start at 5pm when clubs finish so continuity into the evening can be arranged.

We don't set homework for homework's sake - rather we see it as an opportunity to assimilate learning, to extend a pupil's interest and give rein to an inquisitive mind. It also allows us to maintain a good pace for classroom delivery.