We pride ourselves on the happy working relationship between pupils and staff. The ongoing wellbeing of each and every individual is of paramount importance to us.

Parents wishing their children to lodge during the week have options of Host House Accommodation and also of family stays.

This is not a boarding school - the largest group of 18 students lodge within a fabulous and friendly host house setting, where they are looked after, cared and catered for, and a full transport and liaison is in place. Likeminded friendships are pivotal to the successful home from home, and we receive regular updates on the birthday celebrations, cinema outings, and relaxation and laughter in the large garden. Details of this option are available on request and all parents may go to visit the host house by arrangement with the external providers, Vicki and Ian.

A wonderful option for parents looking for "theatre digs" for their young performers and a truly happy addition to the Redroofs family experience.