We pride ourselves on the happy working relationship between pupils and staff. The ongoing wellbeing of each and every individual is of paramount importance to us. There is always a responsible adult with whom to discuss any concerns and all new pupils will be mentored by a pupil in their early days at the school. 

Home from Home Host House and family stays are currently available for Redroofs Full Time & Sixth Form pupils. Approximately 20-25% of our pupils live away from home during the week and some stay for weekends. 

What Vicki and her family have created has no air of boarding school austerity. Costs compare very favourably indeed, saving close to a third on boearding school fees and this is becoming a fashionable addition even for more local pupils, reducing travel time or simply giving their parents that occasional all important flexibility. 

All  home cooked meals are taken around the host table and pupils of all ages are HAPPY! Vicki jokes that every pupil has their own favourite sandwiches but actually - it's true! Even her lunches are the envy of the staff room!