The School provides a range of Scholarships, Awards and means tested 'Working Bursaries'. Our intention is to idenity and to enable gifted pupils to achieve their potential and to enjoy the opportunities available whilst in return sharing their strengths with the school community in their pursuit of excellence. 

Our Scholarship programme seeks Candidates of all ages appropriate to the school (except entry to Year 11) and where spaces are available. The School is most likely to make awards for entry to Years 5/6, 7 and 12. 

Scholarships are Awards made to a child based upon merit and Bursaries may be offered to families in need. It should be noted that a Bursary is reviewable and that any professional fees secured, after commission, for work secured by the pupil will be offset against the Working Bursary. 

All Scholarships and Bursaries are reviewed annually. Once pupils are on roll at the School, they may not audition for Scholarship, except for entry into Year 12. 

The School does not currently offer Academic Scholarships. 

All Scholarships and Bursaries are promoted through the School website and may appear in social media. The School requires that Scholars do not promote their own Award without School approval. 

The School currently offers several significant Scholarships, minor Exhibitions and some Confidential Working Bursaries. 

The School reserves the right not to offer Scholarships or Bursaries. 

Scholarship Candidates must complete a Scholarship Audition Form. The pupil does NOT need to have accepted a place at Redroofs to apply for Scholarship but no offer of a Bursary assisted place will precede Scholarship Audition. 

Scholarship Audition Form | Online Form