The School offers annual panel auditions in February in order to fulfil its aim to maintain the highest calibre of talent within the school community. From time to time the school will offer bursary funding to support able students whose circumstances will otherwise not enable a Redroofs education.

The School reserves the right not to offer Scholarships or Bursaries and does not offer adjudication on auditions. 

Bursary funding is reviewed annually, is based on means and student behaviour in and out of school, and in a case where a pupil's behaviour demonstrates an inability to positively promote the aims and ethos of the school at all times shall be revoked in all cases. While the school will not guarantee continuance of bursaries at any time, a student who demonstrates full ability to support the aims of school and no change in domestic circumstance or behaviour in or out of school, does not need to reapply for funding continuance.

Where a Bursary, Working Bursary, Scholarship or Exhibition-funded student leaves the school without correct written (and acknowledged) notice, the parent shall be liable for a full term's fees at the standard, non-discounted rate and this is not negotiable.

Where a parent/carer of a Bursary, Working Bursary, Scholarship or Exhibition-funded student does not meet their legal requirement to timely payment then fees shall be charged at the full rate without deductions, nor negotiation.

Scholarship Audition Form | Online Form

Please contact the school office before sending an application for Scholarship.