All fees are payable strictly in advance. The parent gives the right to Redroofs to retain payments for professional work and against overdue fees. Rehearsal Classes, Audition Classes and Examination Classes taken in addition to the normal weekly classes are charged at the same rate as tuition fees. 

Except for pupils enrolling after the start of a term, no deductions can be made for missed classes unless absence due to illness lasts for three weeks or more and a doctors certificate is supplied. 

Missed classes are not made up as of right, but at the discretion of the School Directors, and pupils may occasionally be permitted to take part in classes other than their own. We regret we cannot offer refunds for classes missed for any reason. 

A full term's notice IN WRITING is required for pupils terminating their classes at Redroofs. Pupils leaving the school without such notice being given are liable for a full terms fees. Pupils are expected to attend their classes punctually and regularly and to bring appropriate scripts and writing materials where necessary.

The Part Time School operates on a 4 term calendar.

All pupils must wear the correct Redroofs uniform and hair must be worn neatly off the face. Hair styles vary between classes and you will be given information before your child attends. Jewellery may not be worn. 

All pupils must take part in performances and open classes as directed. Notice of such committment is given as early as possible. 

Pupils are not permitted to bring spectators to class without the prior consent of the School Directors. The School does not accept responsibility for any damage to loss of property or injury sustained by pupils on the School premises or at insitutions or workplaces attending during training or School activities unless casued by the negligence of the School. 

The School has the right to terminate at any time the course of tuition of any pupil whose conduct is in any way prejudicial to the good name and reputation of Redroofs. In such case, no further fees will be payable and all fees already paid will forfeit. 

All pupils attending auditions and engagements arranged by Redroofs Agency are required to wear the correct Redroofs uniform unless otherwise instructed. 

Pupils may not give interviews to the press without the prior consent and written permission of the School Directors. 

Pupils have no choice in the selection of their instructors and have no right to demand a part in any production, or to challenge our Staff or Management about their creative decisions, casting or selection process for Examination or Performance. 

No remission of fees is allowed for pupils working professionally during term time. Any outstanding items on a pupils account will automatically be deducted before any payment is made for any professional engagement. 

Should it be necessary to close the School on account of epidemic, pandemic, national crisis, or any other circumstances over which Redroofs has no control, fees cannot be returned nor compensation made for period of schooling lost.

Redroofs will endeavour to use online means via a Virtual Studio wherever possible to offer an online class during any national or area lockdown giving written information to enable invitation access via a Waiting Room system. The School reserves the right to remove access should it be deemed necessary and no remuneration will be offered. 

Uniform is obligatory in all classes. Pupils not wearing correct clothing are not permitted to take part in classes, auditions and other activities. Our uniform is obtained onsite.

Should you not wish for your child to be photographed, videoed or acknowledged on social media please advise in writing.