Considering Redroofs World Class and wondering if a Virtual Space can ever match face-to-face teaching? We absolutely love our time in the real world, but there is a different magic that can be created in the Virtual Space.

With exceptional planning and an understanding of what matters to our students we are so proud of what our team can deliver, and with lessons learnt through Lockdown, we now value our Virtual Studio as its own Training Centre, where young performers, actors and creatives from all over the UK, and indeed across a larger landscape can access our unique School, train effectively and meet other young performers in an effectively managed space.

"I believe i have inside of me
Everything that i need to live a bountiful life.
The Color Purple

Here is what some of our clients tell us:

" Lockdown has not stopped the team delivering the classes to an exceptional standard, and how they keep {my young son] engaged, for 150 minutes over Zoom, with no quibbles, says it all really in how much he loves the classes."
- Parent of Theo, age 8

"It has been so organised and super productive by making the most of the time we have got with teachers knowing how to effectively run the sessions to keep us, the students, really engaged"
-Jamie, age 13

" I love at the end of the sessions we have a little time to chat with our friends which is lovely and helps to keep us all connected. We know our time online is a safe place and if I have any worries or concerns we can always speak with one of our teachers who are all so caring. No matter how I am feeling when I start I always come away happy".
- Amber, age 10

"I am so glad he has Redroofs as if I was in lockdown way back in the day age 12 I dont know what I would have done. "
- Parent of Josh, age 12

" I never expected to love online lessons so much. The way you run them is like we are all there in the room and my group are so supportive of each other. I love that we have our own inbox and I check mine every day for all my scripts and words.”
- Camilla

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this term, in what has and continues to be very difficult and exhausting circumstances. Anabel has thoroughly enjoyed herself and it has been wonderful to see her develop with all the excellent teaching.”
- Parent of Anabel, age 8